Hold Me Tight® , A Metro-Atlanta Workshop for Couples


See how Hold Me Tight® , a metro-Atlanta workshop for couples has helped your friends and neighbors understand the real reasons struggles continue, how to change damaging patterns, and how to engage in conversations that will keep love alive and secure.

Hold Me Tight® participants from San Fransisco share their experiences.

Are you ready?

Heal broken bonds. Rekindle the spark that brought you together.

"This is the start of a new version of us." ~ Hold Me Tight®  Atlanta Participant

"This workshop should be required for graduation from high school and/or college.  I can't help to wonder how my life could have been better if I'd been armed with this information years ago!" ~ Hold Me Tight® Atlanta Participant

"The workshop totally changed our marriage." ~ Hold Me Tight® Atlanta Participant

"We are in a better place in our relationship than we've ever been. We are more connected, more affectionate and happier as individuals as the result of the fulfillment we get from our marriage." ~ Hold Me Tight® Atlanta Participant

"I believe this program can lead any couple to better communication and a more fulfilling relationship, regardless of the state of their relationship when they begin." ~ Hold Me Tight Atlanta® Participant

"My partner and I began the Hold Me Tight® work almost 5 years ago.  We just came for a tune-up but got much more than we expected.  I learned more about my husband's needs and longings than ever before and we had meaningful conversations about our love.  I feel more loved and loving." ~ Hold Me Tight® Atlanta Participant